Jeff Fiedler

JeffFiedlerDirector & CEO, Santa Clara Vanguard

Jeff was appointed to the position of CEO with the Vanguard in May of 2008. He is responsible for oversight of the performing groups, as well as the institutional advancement of the organization, which pertains to marketing, community relations, alumni relations and development. He also has oversight responsibility for special projects and initiatives.

Jeff's drum corps experience was with The Cavaliers of Rosemont, Ill. where he participated for 35 consecutive years as a corps member, on the instructional staff and finally as director from the fall of 1990 through the end of 2007, a time during which The Cavaliers won all seven of their Drum Corps International World Championships.

Jeff currently serves on the Drum Corps International Board of Directors as Chairman of the BOD. He was inducted in the DCI Hall of Fame in 2005.

From 1987 to 2006, he was a faculty member, and eventually the development administrator at St. Francis de Sales High School in Chicago. He is a past chairman of the High School Marketing Association within the Chicago Archdiocese, from 2003-2006.

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